Do not wonder where the clothespins are

Our basket is intended for storage of clothespins in one place.

We manufacture it in the same colors that we use and for clothespins so it's easy to choose the desired combination. We offer combinations with 24 and 50 clothespins.

A round basket comes with a hook that easily clings to a wire, a nail or some other holder and thus becomes a secure guardian of your clothespins.

A round basket for clothespins

Storage for as many as 50 clothespins.

One can find in the market even folding baskets, but we in Gosha Plast agreed that this unnecessarily weakens the construction of the basket. And so a round basket made from one piece came to life. You can easily hang it or place it on a horizontal surface.

Skica korpice sa štipaljkama za veš
Article Clothespin model No of clothespins Dimensions in cm (Rxh)
Basket Flexo Alligator 24 piece 18 x 10,7
Basket Flexo Classic 50 piece 18 x 10,7
Korpica za štipaljke okrugla
Korpica sa štipaljkama komplet 1
Korpica sa štipaljkama primer 2
Štipaljke u korpici flexo alligator 24kom
Štipaljke u korpici flexo classic 50kom
because they decorate your clothes while drying on a wire.

Flexo alligator clothespins that we have been producing for many years continuously perfecting their design
meet all the requirements of the work they are made for.
Therefore, these clothespins are definitive choice for many.

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