One of the little things everyone needs

For many manufacturers of plastic articles, clothespins represent less important, almost marginal product. Goša Plast has from its beginnings recognized this product as an essential part of every household and endowed him deserved importance.

Clothespins are used alsmost every day, unlike most other plastic products, and they have an important function of preserving laundry which is dried after washing.

All this requires certain following characteristics to be obtained by clothespins: durability, reliability, quality and appearance which is equally important.

We are among the first that started producing Alligator clothespins that have been redesigned many times over the years in order to improve their functionality and practicality. In addition, we pay special attention to their appearance, quality of final processing, the colors of clothespins and their packaging because we believe that despite all the quality that it has, the appearance of the product is one of the most important factors in the selection of it.

Our clothespins have vivid colors, good strength and long life which is a result of the use of new high-quality raw materials (we do not use recycled plastic that does not have a satisfactory stiffness, reliability and appearance).


Our product number 1

When we say that the Flexo Alligator are our most important product,
that means that we have been perfecting their functionality and design for many years. Many manufacturers have 'crocodile' clothespins in their program which resemble our flexo alligator clothespins, but mostly they just look alike. When you get a flexo alligator clothespin you will realize the difference we are talking about.

Skica štipaljke za veš Alligator
Article Dimensions in cm (WxLxH) Transp.
1 piece 1/12 pack. 1/20 pack.
Flexo Alligator 1 x 9 x 2,8 12,7 x 9 x 2,8 12,7 x 9 x 4,6 30 piece
Flexo aligator štipaljka za veš
Primena flexo aligator štipaljki
Primer korišćenja flexo aligator štipaljki za veš
Flexo aligator štipaljke za veš u primeni
Prikaz primene štipaljki za veš Flexo aligator


Classic but modernized

Flexo Classic represent a classic version of the design, and we developed it alongside the alligator clothespins and the improvements were applied to both models. Our intention is to make sure that all the products that come out of our production facilities are superb.

Flexo Classic can be found in packs of 10 or 20 pieces, as well as with a basket.

Skica štipaljke za veš Classic
Article Dimensions in cm (WxLxH) Transp.
1 piece 1/10 pack. 1/20 pack.
Flexo Classic 1,2 x 7,5 x 2,0 13,5 x 7,5 x 2,0 13,5 x 7,5 x 3,2 30 piece
Štipaljke za veš Flexo classic
Primena štipaljki za veš Flexo classic
Korišćenje štipaljki za veš Flexo classic
Flexo classic štipaljke za veš u primeni
Primena Flexo classic štipaljki za veš


Do not wonder where the clothespins are

Our basket is intended for storage of clothespins in one place.

Skica korpice za štipaljke za veš
Article Clothespin model No of clothespins Dimensions in cm (Rxh)
Basket Flexo Alligator 24 piece 18 x 10,7
Basket Flexo Classic 50 piece 18 x 10,7
Štipaljke za veš Flexo classic u kompletu sa korpicom
Korpica sa štipaljkama komplet 1
Korpica sa štipaljkama primer 2
Štipaljke flexo alligator u korpici
Flexo classic štipaljke sa korpicom
Isolated spring

Unlike many other clothespins, the spring of our Flexo Alligator clothespins will not hook up and damage the clothes they hold.

They are powerful as an alligator

Strong and firm pressure to the fabric with a high resistance to the wind thanks to the teeth along the entire surface of the clothespin.

Strong connection

The design of the handles and the connection with which they are attached prevents them from twisting and shearing as well as releasing the laundry from them.

because they decorate your clothes while drying on a wire.

Flexo alligator clothespins that we have been producing for many years continuously perfecting their design
meet all the requirements of the work they are made for.
Therefore, these clothespins are definitive choice for many.

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