Plastic kids clothes hangers

Gosha Plast produces hangers for children's clothing. They are completely adapted to the dimensions and characteristics of the small children's numbers and they represent a product that is in high demand both for home use and in children's clothing stores.

Children's clothes hangers are multifunctional, they allow clothes to be placed on them in four ways: by placing them on the shoulders of the hanger, by switching over the lower bars (for hanging pants, jeggings), dragging through the side rings and hanging on the lower hooks.

Hangers are made of quality material, they do not have sharp surfaces and are safe to use even for the youngest. Thanks to them your children can learn to take care of their clothes from early childhood.


To make even their clothing neatly folded

Children's clothes hangers are manufactured in various colors that you can see in the photo.

Skica dečijeg ofingera
Article Dimensions in cm (WxLxH)
1 piece 1/5 pack.
Plastic clothes hangers 0,5 x 33 x 16,5 3,3 x 33 x 16,5
Dečiji ofingeri u primeni 1
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