Ice without odors? It is possible.

A common problem of making ice cubes at home is the existence of unwanted odors that ice picks from the environment. The solution was to make ice in an isolated container.

Gosha Plast produces bottles for ice that completely isolate the water from the surrounding area during the freezing process so that you can get ice balls without any odor.

It is simple to use the bottle. Remove the cap, pour the water in the bottle to the labeled limit, put the cap back and place the bottle in a horizontal position in the freezer compartment.

After a while, remove the bottle from the fridge, and briefly pour cold water on the part of it where are the frozen balls. Then remove the cap, gently shake the bottle and if some of the ice balls do not drop, press with your finger the bottle in the place where those ice balls are and they will drop out.

Then rinse the bottle with clean water and it is ready to make a new amount of ice balls.

Fine ice balls

Ice bottle

You will get quickly and easily some beautiful ice balls with the help of our ice bottle. It does not matter what else is in the refrigerator, because ice obtained from these bottles must not withdraw smell. This is especially important for making ice at home.

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